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1 Introduction

Nerve Induction© is a method of accelerated learning that uses a combination of conscious and sub conscious methods to gather the most benefit from the least amount of work. In order to understand the function you must first understand how the mind works. I have given below a very brief synopsis of this function. We could spend many days covering the same material in greater detail.

2 Brain Function

The brain is divided up into two halves, the right and left sides. The right brain is said to be artistic thought etc. The left brain is thought to be logic, reason and structured thought. Although these describe the basic stereo typical views of the brain, my experience has show a slightly different view of the operation of the brain. As good scientists, we have broken function down and classified the brain in its basic form. What has been lacking in my view is how the two halves relate to one another. I agree with the breakdown but it goes much further than isolated parts. In essence, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In order to understand what this means lets look at an example.

The right brain is where inspiration comes from. A thought enters the brain and in an instant we have a revelation, an understanding of something that did not exist moments before. Call it the “Ah Ha” experience. This experience has proven to be the result of brain growth but more on that subject later.

So we have the “Ah Ha” experience, we may gain some wisdom or insight or receive an idea. We then move that idea over to the left brain where we take the idea and start to see how we can dissect it into its parts to make it a reality.

For example we are working on a book. We get some inspiration on a plot, an overall picture in our mind or a vision of the global view. We then take that view and fill in the detail with the left brain and start to document or write our story. As most creative people will tell you, and I believe both Da Vinci and Eisenstein said that creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Meaning that the creative idea just came to them (right brain inspiration) and then they had to structure it, document it and write about it (left brain logic and reason).

Great philosophers have also said (Einstein and Margaret Mead) that we only use about 10% of our brains. If this is true what is the other 90% doing? I believe that we use 100% of our brain all the time. But we only use about 10% of it’s potential. It is has been documented that the only part of our body that continues to grow up until the time we die is the brain. And by brain growth we mean that new synapses are formed. This is the “Ah Ha” experience. It feels good when new synapses are formed in the brain.

3 How it works

What does all this have to do with Nerve Induction© and learning? Well consider this: Our brains memorize at some level everything that is happening to us, and in some cases events that we are not even aware of consciously. If this is the case then we should be able to harness this information and use it. That is the essence of Nerve Induction©, how to harness that ability.

But first before we can do that we next have to understand what meditation is. Although there are many definitions and it can be a philosophical debate, meditation is a conscious altering of brain frequency. This means that you command your brain to enter a meditative state and while doing so a change in brain frequency is detectable. Much like lifting weights or working out at the gym, this can be learned and further developed.

4 Brain Frequencies

For NORMAL brain function, the brain operates at 4 distinct and separate levels: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. Brain frequency is determined by putting electrodes connected to an electroencephalogram on your head to measure the predominant frequency. These are electrical impulses and can be measured. Different experts will quote slightly different numbers but, these are the generally accepted values for normal brain function and the ones I will use when I talk about it:

Delta .1 to 3.5 cycles per second or Hertz (HZ) (if it were zero you would be dead)

Theta 3.5 to 7 HZ

Alpha 7 to 14 HZ

Beta 14 to 21 HZ

Above 21 cycles per second is sometimes called high Beta but only in the twenties.

Abnormal brain function such as an epileptic seizure is in the range of 50 HZ but it is not part of our discussion here.

When research was first started on brain waves, scientists first started to measure children. They found that 10 HZ was average and called his frequency Alpha, the first scientific letter used. Next they measured adults and found about 20 HZ was average and called it Beta or b for the second frequency found. These are all Greek letters used to make science sound scientific. Sounds impressive, right? The next was Delta for a sleeping person and Theta for both a sleeping person and a person under the influence of anesthesia. Each frequency has specific attributes and characteristics associated with it which is why they have different classification. Each level has different uses that a trained person can use them for.

Delta is most commonly associated with Deep sleep. It is the level that if we are awakened from we feel the most “out” that we experience.

Theta is the level most commonly associated with painless surgery. It is the level that we go to when we are put under anesthesia. But it is part of normal sleep patterns.

Alpha is most commonly associated with the dream state or the REM, Rapid Eye Movement sleep that we have those great experiences we call dreams during our sleep patterns. Alpha is also the frequency that we spend most of our childhood in up until about the start of the teen years. By the time we are adults we function primarily in Beta during most waking hours.

Beta is the level, that as adults, we function in most of the waking time.

Each level, when understood, can be used and exploited by the trained person to gain maximum benefit to themselves and those around them.

Alpha is considered by many to be the key brain frequency that we should be striving to maximize our time in.

The Yogi’s of India believe that if you exist in Alpha for a greater period of time during the day it will bring order to your life and those around you. This can be seen when you take an electroencephalogram and record the brain patters of an individual and then subject them to meditation for a period of time, the brain patters will become more uniform and ordered over time. The Yogi’s believe that if a portion of the population meditates and brings structure to their brains that this order will be transferred to those around them. Thus bringing more order to the planet as a whole. This level is where the Native American Indians go when they enter the sweet lodge and where visions come from. I meet someone once who told me he could determine someone’s IQ by measuring how many times per second their brains go into alpha. More on this later.

5 What can be achieved

I believe that almost anything you can imagine can be achieved given time. Does this mean we can fly? There are legends of yogis who while meditating float a few feet off the floor. I believe that we are evolving into a being that can and will achieve these kinds of things. Every year, especially in our time, we are becoming more open as the energy around us is changing. Have you noticed an increase in unstable people, higher divorce rates, higher dissatisfaction, people acting irrational? I believe that the energy on the earth today is increasing and allowing us to expand our minds by 10 to 100 fold each year. By being aware and training yourself you will be able to handle this energy. You may have noticed this is your daily lives as so called, coincidences, are happening more and more. Things like, feelings that something will happen, a heightened awareness and a knowing before an event like when the phone rings and you know who it is and not from the caller id. This also manifests itself in people who cannot handle the energy or have not learned to handle the energy by making them irritable or angry at the world. Many people refuse to believe that this is happening and deny it to themselves and ignore what is going on.

If you are reading this today chances are that you have had some or all of these experiences. If so, then you should be learning how to control them and not to let them control you. By paying attention and working with the energy and your abilities you can help your self and those around you. You are being given a gift and should respect it and be thankful for it.

6 Mental house cleaning.

What we say and do has a direct effect on our minds and spirit. If we walk around describing things as a pain to part of our anatomy then you will manifest that pain. Once you become aware of this you will start to see common negative words that are used in everyday experiences and understand how they can be hurting you or helping you. For instance if you have a problem doing something, rather than saying they you will never get it, say in due time it will come. You will start to notice that things start to work out. I have had a dozen or so experiences in the past couple of moths of items that were “lost” and rather than say they are lost I have said “it will show up in due time.” Every instance of this kind of thinking has in fact shown up in due time. Rather than complain about a situation seeing what else “presents itself” as a solution and it often does.

7 Meditation

It has been said that pray is talking to god and meditation is listening. Meditation is the ability to visualize and then to listen. By being receptive, we allow an answer to a problem or question to not only come to us but to come to us in a way that we recognize and understand and use to solve the problem.


8 Healing

Healing comes in many forms. Meditation in its nature heals the body. As one enters a meditative state, their body becomes more relaxed and in this relaxation, the body begins to heal itself. Using visualization one can visualize others and apply the same meditative techniques to them as they can to themselves. In this way we can facilitate healing in an individual. As with any gift that you give someone, they can accept it or reject it. It is up to the receiver whether they will use the energy to heal or reject it. This acceptance or rejection is at a subconscious level and even though an individual may say they want it, but they may in fact not accept the energy in the manner intended. As with anything like this, you must give it unconditionally and respect the recipient’s choice and their use of it.


9 Mental Projection

Mental projection is the ability to project your mind to a place and key into events that are going on at that place. There are many studies that have proven, to a statistical validation, that each of us has the ability: to key into events at a distant place. All that is needed is the right form of exercise using this ability and one can achieve similar results.



10 Chakras

Within the body are seven energy centers, or Chakras, that make up the body. These energy centers are located along the spinal column and are connected to each other by was of energy channels. These channels are used in various healing arts such as acupuncture, Acupressure, certain massage techniques and certain martial arts use them to subdue an opponent. The Healing arts focus on unblocking the flow of energy in the body and the martial arts focus on causing blocks in these energy channels. It started many thousands of years ago as monks discovered the energy channels and focused on using them to heal. When these monks were on journeys and attacked they decided to defend themselves by applying pressure to points they knew would stop or slow down the attacker. In this was the monk could use the same techniques to heal or hurt someone depending on the circumstance. There is an old saying in the martial arts “You should learn how to heal before you learn how to hurt.”


11 Accelerated learning

What does this all mean? It is all good and well to study relaxation techniques to help reduce stress. Study the channels of energy in the body to heal and defend ones self. But there is more a greater use we can put these techniques to. And that is creativity and learning. By using relaxation techniques and learning how to apply these techniques to use in an educational area or in a creative area is where the real power comes. I believe it is all connected. It is like a big wheel with each are we have spoken about has a piece of the wheel and when we become proficient at each of the areas in the wheel we can put them all together and expand our capabilities. I believe that though the use of these techniques we can enhance and accelerate our ability to learn new things, and be creative. In various religious texts there are quotations that if interpreted correctly allude to this use. One such example is “look unto the mountains and the kingdom of heaven will be upon you” or something like that. If you interpret the somewhat literal meaning along with how our brain functions, this means that when you look up at a 45 degree angle, Look up to the mountains” your brain will automatically start to generate more alpha brain waves. The alpha brain waves are what some of us believe to the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Why? Another quote says, “You must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.” If we examine this a little closer we find out that children exist almost entirely in alpha until their teen years. A child is able to learn things faster because of being in this state. The older we become the more we spend most of our waking times in the Beta state and only enter alpha when we are sleeping. Most creative people are seen to be in the alpha state more. There is a researcher I know of who believes he can determine a persons IQ by simply seeing their brain wave pattern. He says that the more times per minute the person enters into the alpha state, as a whole, that person will have a higher IQ. Since it is a proven fact that you can be taught how to do this, wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to do this? In addition to just entering alpha more while awake if you knew techniques to exploit this ability you would achieve more than you would have before learning these techniques. This is what Nerve Induction© is doing. Nerve Induction© is a set of specific techniques designed to use what the brain does naturally and apply advanced techniques to your daily lives in addition to knowing how to meditate and relax. It is these techniques that focus on inducing specific nerves in your brain to do and act a certain way that Nerve Induction© works and brings us to the next level of learning. The ultimate goal is to be able to learn a years worth of knowledge in a few days or weeks, to be able to become fluent in a language in a month instead of years. Like any exercise, knowing how to do the exercise is as important as doing the exercise. If you do it wrong little or no benefit will be gained. But doing it correctly the benefits can be seen very quickly.



12 Pathway to creativity

A study of the human brain has mapped various functions to different sides of the brain. Simply stated, logic and mechanical tasks are associated with the left brain and creative tasks are associated with the right brain. Most, if not all, of the current educational system focuses on teaching the student to use the left brain, teachers reward students who conform and do things the “suggested” way and give punishment or ridicule to students who do things that are seen as “out of the box.” What this means to me is that we have an entire educational system that is based on overdeveloping the left brain and sacrificing the development of the right brain. The society as a whole reinforces this kind of behavior yet at the same time praises the individual who goes against it. When you hear most successful people who are classified as innovators, you quickly realize that they sought out ways to stimulate the right brain development and not the left brain. The society also is quick to explain how your “left brain students” are not the kind of people to do this so don’t try this at home kind of an attitude. Because after all where would the worker drones come from if we all learned how to be truly creative. In my humble opinion the person who learns how to do both, Left and Right brain function, will be the next wave of leaders in the world. By leaders, I mean innovators who can solve problems and implement those ideas to make the world a better place.

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