Expand your consciousness
Challenge your belief systems
Question your reality
Open your Heart
Create a new reality


“Desire leads to Learning
Learning leads to Knowledge
Knowledge leads to Understanding
Understanding leads to Use
Use leads to Experience
Experience leads to Wisdom”
— Richard Siena 2011


The six heart virtues:

appreciation | compassion | forgiveness | humility | understanding | valor 

Wing Makers


What’s true today is gone tomorrow,
Truth is sometimes filled with sorrow.
Each believes theirs is the one,
But you decide how truth is done.
As you grow it changes fast,
So put that old truth in the past.
To find another can be fun,
For your search for truth has just begun.
To understand it changes daily,
Is the highest truth, which can be scary.
Because they quickly become old,
Be gentle, be kind, to the truth(s) you hold.
So with this knowledge I do endow,
Go fourth, experience, do it now.
© 1997 Richard Siena
This pome may be used in its entierty with copyright


“All truth passes through stages.
First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self evident”.
— Arthur Schopenhaur.

“Take credit for your mistakes,
not just  for what you do good,
you are supposed to do good anyway”
— Little Hawk


derived from Latin means
“what has been hidden is revealed”
“lifting of the veil.”
Allison Rae


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