© 2007 by Richard Siena

I have experienced a concept that I call Hatching, or breaking through the egg shell.

The concept of Hatching comes from a chicken hatching from its’ egg.  If you feel sorry for the chicken struggling to get out of the egg shell and help them they will die.  It seems that without this initial birth struggle something is missing in the development of the embryo crossing over to the chick stage in life.  It seems that the same happens to us on a metaphoric level with our personal growth and development.

We can see this in action at various points in our life’s when we are faced with challenges.  The challenges I speak of seem to be on a personal growth level. You will notice them when at some point in time you seem to be going along well and then you are faced with a roadblock.  This could be a day or a week when everything seems to be going wrong.  I have identified these periods as being a time that you are being tested.  You must get through the test in order to move on to the next level of personal development.  If you fail – and I am not sure how to measure this – you may repeat this or a similar test at a future time.  Which brings me to a favorite saying of mine, I am told it is an old Italian saying is:

“Not every bad thing comes to harm you!”

So when adversity comes your way, it may not be to stop you from doing something but to make sure that you are ready to handle what comes next.

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