Active Creator

Stop being a passive observer and become an Active Creator
It is time to stop this Passive Observer nonsense, and to stop it now. If you insist on staying in a passive observer mode then you will be living in a society that you probably will not like. But if we choose to go down that path then enjoy what we get. Remember no divine being is going to come in and save us, we have to do that ourselves. This means that you and I, the collective “We” need to create in our minds and visualize what it is that we want. Just observing is not going to make this happen.
We the “Awake” ones need to define what it is that we want in a society. It is said that 5 to 10% of the beings on the planet are “Awake”. Interestingly enough David Rockefeller once said that all he needed to control any corporation is 3 – 5% of the stock in that company. Well being awake and doing nothing but being an observer is not much better than staying asleep. What “We” the “Awake ones” need and have to be doing at this time is to be defining what it is in the society that we want. “We” need to be visualizing the society that we want to live in. Since most are now “aware” of what the “Dark” side has to offer, “We” need to create what “We” want to have. Since “We” are all creator beings it is time to start creating and to stop just viewing.
Please consult with your spirit guides or counselors about these ideas.
How to do this:
If you do not know how to meditate then learn. Meditation is the conscious altering of brain frequency.  So what!  This is the key to learning to use your creative mind.  Visualize at this meditation level what you want and keep on visualizing this image to crystallize it.
Contact me if you need further clarification on these issues.
In the love and the light of the infinite one creator
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