On of the biggest problems we face today is Toxicity.  It is estimated that we ingest about 1 gallon of pesticides each year in the foods that we eat.  In addition to eating them we are breathing them in in the form of pollution and in the products in our homes that are made of synthetic materials.  Never before has the body been faced with overload to our systems.  When a toxin is taken in by the body in many cases the body odes not know how to remove it.  To protect us from these toxins the body encapsulates the Toxin in a fat cell or the cells of our organs.  Is it any wonder that so many of us are having weight issues.  As one goes on a diet and reduces their weight the toxins are taken out of the protective fat cells and redistributed around the body. After a period of time fat cells are recreated to encapsulate the toxin once again in unexpected weight gain.  To remove the weight completely we must remove the toxins.  About a year and a half ago I found some products that cleanse the body by doing a deep cellular cleanse.  In do this cleanse toxins are removed from the cells and eliminated from the body.  As a side benefit of this the fat cell is not needed any more by the body and thus a reduction in weight is seen as a side benefit.  I personally went from 220 pounds to about 180 in a few months of doing constant cleanses.

Here is a  video on the Toxins we have around us and the challenges we face everyday.
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