Hi, it may have been some time since we last spoke or it may have been very recent.  In any case I am starting a newsletter where I will be sharing many different topics of interest related to my personal vision which is “to develop leaders, coach, educate, inspire, and empower people to live their highest self, to become self-reliance and to find their destiny in a context of love, joy, and courage while merging spirituality, physical reality and business together to exist in harmony with each other. To inspire people to do the things that inspire them.”

I currently have a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RichardSiena, with many of my meditation and some business video. I will be expanding these videos along with this newsletter to include many of the new research that I have been doing.

I will also be revamping my web site https://richardsiena.com to include more support material and event happenings.

Please send me any suggestion to topics you may like to see and hear about and I welcome any feedback you have to offer.

If this is something you do not wish to receive please unsubscribe in the links below and I will remove you from this list and all further correspondence from me. That is unless you rejoin. But you can unsubscribe at any time so why not receive a few newsletters and see if it of interest to you.

Feel free to spread the word to friends and invite them to join as well.

To subscribe to my newsletter please go to http://eepurl.com/LCekr



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