Les Hewitt author of “The Power of Focus” says to surround yourself with those that will “Cheer you on” and “Support you” in your vision and goals. He states that there are 7 specific life categories for your goals to ensure a healthy well balanced lifestyle:

  1. Business – Growth, Sales, New Ventures
  2. Financial – Income, Savings and Investment, Debt Elimination
  3. Fun Time – Relaxation, Vacation, Hobbies, Family Time
  4. Health & Fitness – Physical, Mental, Spiritual
  5. Relationships – Self, Business, Personal, Family
  6. Personal – (Just For Me Goals) Projects, Purchases, Learning (create several unique meaningful experiences)
  7. Contribution – Charity, Community, Church

A good way to start off the New Year and a popular one I’ll bet is setting some weight reduction and exercise goals.  A group of us are starting a 30 day weight reduction and deep cellular cleanse on January 6’Th.

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