With 2013 over and 2014 upon us, it’s customary in our society to make New Year’s Resolutions. However, many times these resolutions fade from memory by the end of January.   But this year this different, and should be the start of new beginnings. For the first time in 19 years, the New Moon falls on January 1st (at 6:14 am).  This makes it a special year, and astrologically speaking the time is ripe for starting fresh. Now is the time to figure out and define:

  • Who you are in your business
  • What is your professional image and your public image

This year, focus on the significant changes you want to make in your life.

The New Moon on the 1st gives significance to energizing the goals you define for yourself for the coming year.  I am using a combination of several different books and advisors on goal setting and working up a comprehensive plan for 2014.  My plan is about 10 to 15 pages long and defines goals in every area of my life.  I suggest you do the same. When you write down your goals, you improve your chances of success, telling other people and socialize your goals raises your success rate even higher. While reviewing it daily increases your success rate even more. Further, meditate on your plan to impresses the information on your subconscious mind and allow your mind to subconsciously steer you in that direction.  Start with deciding your “why”.  Why do you do the things you do? Is everything you do a reflection of your why?  If it is then you should be in a state of joy while doing it knowing that you are fulfilling your divine purpose in life.

While defining your goals for the coming year, remember to reflect back on the previous year and analyze what worked and what did not.  What did you set out to do and what did you decided that you really did not want to do?  What did you accomplish and what did you fall short on? Being able to analyze your plan is another reason to write it down.


Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year



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