Richard Siena

Community builder, Visionary, Entrepreneurial Executive, Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Radical catalyst for organizational effectiveness, sustained performance, cultures of service and user experience. Achieving a proven record in senior technical and management roles, working with new and leading-edge technology, skilled in applying real time mission critical techniques. Seasoned leadership, consulting and corporate management experience, developing products, managing development teams, and handling company operations. Implementing cutting edge technologies and streamlining legacy system for companies spanning the globe. Financial services, Telecommunications, Web Technologies, Project Management, Embedded systems, Distributed architecture, Business continuity.

Richard is on the Board of Directors of Island Labs, Inc., a “NYS Not For Profit” organization to help promote STEM in the Long Island NY area.

Richard is on the Board of Directors of Grow Your Own Meal, a 501(c)(3) corporation which promotes sustainable and renewable farming techniques which operates out of Colorado.

Richard is the CTO of Gorilla Toolz Inc. a company specializing in CRM and Partner Relationship Management.

Richards interests are varied. He is a Visionary, Scuba Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Professional Photographer, Technologist, Farmer, Family Man, Armature radio operator, Member of CERT and RACES (Volunteer organizations run by the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management in NY) that is activated during emergencies in his local area and is currently working on his private pilot’s license. Richard has been researching and applying natural farming techniques in a personal garden and has helped promote the use of natural farming and gardening techniques in his local community.

Welcome to the New Paradigm

As we have transitioned into this new era, we are faced with a paradigm shift in the way companies are managed.  You can still work under the old paradigm, but your company will fade away and slowly die. There are 5 areas of change that affect us:

Area Old Paradigm New Paradigm  
1.       Capital Financial Human

Competition for talent

Ability to Recruit

2.       Skills Economic Skills Emotional Intelligence  
3.       Structure Hierarchical Collaborative


Virtual office

4.       Motivation Command and Control Meaning and Purpose  
5.       Goals Develop Followers Develop Leaders  


The ability to higher and create a team with outstanding leadership is what will make your company competitive.  The company with the best talent will dominate their industry. The ability to identify those individuals to will excel on your team is a primary skill needed to create the ideal team. Contact me to continue this discussion.


Richard was recently on on Pi-Day 3.14.2019 With Matt Newhall.
Please follow this link to view the show:
Matt and I talk about Technology, Meditation, Flow States, BitCoin, and more, Interesting show and it was a blast to record.
Richard spoke and moderated the Phishing, Hackers and Threats Panel at “Opal’s annual Cyber Security Summit” on July 10-12th, 2019 in Newport, RI at Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina.

What I Do

Innovate, create, streamline, build teams

I take the latest technology, apply it in creative ways to business problems to produce new and creative solutions. Sometimes this is with technology, sometimes it is team building, but often a combination of many different disciplines are used to create the desired outcome. Each solution requires tapping into creative resources and allowing the solution to evolve. Done well, this process looks easy but is not.

Career Highlights

• Built Call Center for $1 million with 4 month payback
• Improved customer satisfaction from 63% to 85% with a net first year payback of over $2 million
• Built very profitable News product for new venture in brokerage industry which is still in use today over 20 years later
• Built HealthCare Patient Engagement / Patient Follow system up with ROI’s over %30
• Built custom software for Arbitrage Traders which enabled them to make over $2 million in the first months of use

Who I’ve worked with

Speer Leads & Kellog
Monchik Webber
Merrile Lynch
NYNEX / Verizon
Seabury Group
Brewer Family Foundation
Silva Method
eHome Credit
Grow Your Own Meal Inc.
Island Labs Inc.
Gorilla Toolz, Inc.
Newsware Corp.

Where you’ve seen my work

Wall Street  – financial service workstations, cutting edge tech, multi processor system

Newsware Corp – news story analytics

Verizon – call center automation

Microsoft – partner portals, xls / word report generation

Healthcare – patient care systems

Banking – customer contact systems

What Other’s have to say

A Technology Leader:

“As an exemplar technology professional, Rich participated in many architectural directions and technical designs. As one of the senior architects working in the financial community, designed advanced technology platforms for financial analysis and business intelligence. Those systems are still in use today and are the basis for more advanced financial decision systems currently in existence. For twenty years companies run by Rich have prospered by his direction and leadership. He is the forefather of modern compute web based community services. Prior to the advances in the cloud, Rich worked with Microsoft to employ advanced designs incorporating community compute collaboration. This development addressed the Value Added Resource community’s need to collaborate and reduced the time to market in multiple industry groups.

Professionally and personally Rich is a dedicated and knowledgeable resource for Technology deployment and advances.”

James McGowan

Executive Director , Infiniam Analytical Services inc.


I’ve known Rich for the past 15 years. He has been our technical go-to-person for hardware design and software development. Rich has streamlined our operations and solved workflow issues, making us more efficient with our time. His understanding of software applications and computer systems and how to implement them into our operation seamlessly has allowed us to concentrate on our core business and generate more sales. We can not thank him enough.

Joe Gramegna

General Manager, Payroll Operations, PPS

Superlatively honest, frank and giving:

I’ve known Rich since the early 80’s when we worked in downtown NY at Monchik-Weber. Over these many years we’ve collaborated on many business and new technology ventures. We’ve traveled together, talked and become very good friends. If I had to choose one word to describe Rich, that word would be “thoughtful”.

Not because he brought flowers when he came to dinner or pushed in my chair, but because on every job and in every area of his career and rich life, he’s invested an enormous amount of thoughtful caring (and effort) and operated at the highest possible level of energy, selflessness and intelligent thoughtfulness. Whether you’re interested in technology and real-time systems, wellness and meditation, a business start-up, the best herb to cure an ailing body and soul, or extra-terrestrials, Rich is knowledgeable and involved and someone you want on your team. Superlatively honest, frank and giving, I’m blessed to have had Rich in my life for these many years.

Jonathan Wolf

Partner, Rayjon Energy, Whiting, NJ

Trusted adviser:

During a very hectic period of starting my business, Rich Siena was always a trusted adviser, offering clear cut, common-sense advice, without losing focus of the goals that I needed to achieve. His dedication to seeing a project thru to completion, in both a timely and cost-effective manner, is second to none. I highly recommend Rich, value his advice, and am proud to call him a friend.

Steven Berry

Manager Sales, TGI Office Automation

My sites and projects

Silva Method with Richard Siena
Books by Rich
Red Copper Distillery